Saturday, January 31, 2009

Steven Wilson re-mix

Steven Wilson is running this cool contest:

The contest allows you to download and re-mix a song for the upcoming album; I spent last night downloading and arranging the parts in the studio, and this morning layed-down two tracks of guitar-swells and picking on the NST and added a faux Frippertronics outro to the end of the tune! Great fun; as usual, I like to work fast. I should've sat on it for a few days to see if I still liked it, but I've already sent-in my mp3 via you-send-it. (Wish me luck!)

Also, talking to Will off and on all day; the "Solus" album is now officially finished. We're moving forward with registering with BMI and shipping to CD Baby. Hopefully all of this can be accomplised within the next two weeks and we can move on to the next Gilliam Section CD. All-in-all, I'd call that a productive day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


New mixes of "Mariana" and "Burwood" arrived from the Man Cave to my inbox last night and await test-burning for listening-to-in-the-truck; at first glance, "Burwood" is now achieving that ephemeral beauty that I knew was latent within it. Will has done a great job with seperation and panning. This tune is beautiful, fragilities and all. "Mariana" is equally stunning and manages to evoke a strong positive response.

Morning sitting, coffee and now to take Joey to the doctor...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Latest email update from the esteemed Mr. Willard on current on-going projects:


You will dig your new Fripp-approved guitar/micing throne. So very ergonomic and comfortable. It seems to sustain my weight so I think you will be just fine on it!

Hoping to start master Solus in earnest sometime today. I will start from scratch and attempt to make real progress. Files to come later, by Zeus!"

This is all good news! Excitements!


Morning sitting, drinking-in the momentary silence; we fill our lives with incessant is good to surrender (if only briefly, for 5 minutes) to nothingness; to just be with the body and follow the breath. In such moments we can come face to face with the divine; we can be born again in newness. Sitting still I offer my prayer that today I might be useful. Let it be so. Power to these words!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday Night at Brave New Studio

Its amazing how good the Lovecaster now sounds with a fresh set of strings (and running through the Behringer Bass V-amp!!) A patch I dialed-in last night just killed me and I tracked it on the "hindu" song to wonderful effect, if I could only mix it properly. No worries. These are only explorations of a sonic quality, but I am so much closer to achieving a listenable take I can almost taste it. This project was a bit overly ambitious; from henceforward I need to pace myself and not lay on too many tracks/effects that bog down the Magix program. Ah, but the thrill of hearing all those mulit-tracked ostinatto guitars!

Tonight I hope to try Will's suggested "stereo" mix with hard pans and perhaps figure out how to save settings.

And most importantly work on Joey's diorama from school!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday night at Brave New Studio

Johnny is fighting off a runny nose/cold with some warming Courvoisier and playing the vintage Kawai K1 digital synth; new tune has been recorded, a fragment really, to test levels and sound. I do think its good. I just might be the next Blue to add vocals...

Brave New Studio

Will came over last night and we had a great visit; he re-strung the Johnny Lovecaster and Ibanez for me, we thouroughly cleaned my (previously cluttered) work-station and vacuumed, re-configured my studio set-up and I had a training session on Magix. My guitar sounds great now, especially running through the Behringer pre-amp he brought over! With the addition of this latest bit of technological wonderment (not to mention the vintage Kawai K1 digital synthesizer!) I am really itching to lay down some new tracks and start exploring the sonic possiblities! What a difference it makes having a clean work area! It was wonderful just hanging out; a very relaxing and productive evening!

Will came up with a name for the studio: "Brave New Studio". Nice one!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Had a fair amount of fun mixing and mashing tunes last night (it was very hit-and-run as time was tight); still one more trick I want to try with "Burwood/NY New Loop" incorporating a solo Alessandra piano part, which may require pitch-shifting (if it even works at all) to fit.

Discussed "Solus" mixes with Will today and possibly leaving "New Arp" on the cutting-room floor... the track has some problems and not sure how well it flows with the rest of the album. "Orbit" is being discussed as an alternate tune.

Also a possible album-length project with Ale creating some more "Gurdjieff-tinged" music akin to our "Sun Absolute" and perhaps bringing in Gary for this one and special guest Overtone singer Stuart Hinds. I think we could work very fast on this if we can get Ale to send us her parts first, and we build up from there. In the meantime, I've sent her a couple of mp3s to work on, and will be discussing schedules, timing and possibilities for the CD in the very near future.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Inspired by Will's recent work in the studio, last night I revisited the (eight or nine) tracks that comprise the "Burwood" tune, in an attempt to smooth out some of the piano track hiss. When I orginally recorded the parts, I never even attempted to mix it since I knew I was flying it straight over to Will's machine. Here I finally took the whole tune apart, track by track, each part individually and trying some fades and pans.

I have to report that I am very happy with the first mix, which I've sent over to Will as a complete WAV. Hoping its better than what it was before; in any event, there may be one additional new part I want to try on the piece invloving the "new year new loop piece", just to see how it sounds as a possible fade-out...


Relaxing in the studio with a "friend"...


Mind-blowlingly good day, despite shaky beginnings and a cat who wants to poop in my closet. The weather (warming with blue-skies and a nice breeze) is fabulous and I am surrendering to the prarie that is becoming my backyard. The South Texas drought is showing no sign of abatement; this is the worst period since records have been kept. I am seriously thinking of trying to do some drought-condition landscaping (ah, if I had the money...) to conserve water and resources....

Will is re-working several of the Gilliam tunes to delete some "pops" and other sonic problems; can't wait to hear the revised versions!

Meanwhile, I am itching to crank up the recorder as I have some new tune ideas I'm interested in exploring.


Relaxing morning, sitting here with coffee and enjoying the day; had some ideas for some new tunes yesterday, but haven't been able to get out to the office/studio, as Noah is recovering from tonsillectomy. Adding Mick Karn, Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian (not the "real David Sylvian") to my Facebook friends.

Now its time to make the pancakes.

But before I go, I append here my old "Here & Now" webpage (circa 1999-2001) which was on the web way before anyone was "blogging" proper:

Here and Now - The Babajohnny Sage Wisdom/Zen Homepage


19th october, 2001
Friday morning; feel a fundamental shift underway in my "dribbling psyche." Meanwhile i've received an email from Netscape informing me that they are doing-away with this format and therefor i will need to move or abandon my hompeage! Pooh and bother! Now i gotta go to work.
14 october 2001
relaxing sunday, went to the zoo (wanted to see the new baby hippo "uma" having unexpectedly arrived last week much to the surprise of the zoo-staff). little uma kept a low profile (popped-up out of the water just for a brief appearance)but we had a good time anyway. then back home to finish yesterday's yard work.
Isaac was watching Star Wars earlier and a phrase from Qui Gon stuck in my mind (speaking to young anakin skywalker): "Remember, your focus defines your reality." This has been my mantra this day... I am focusing on the spiritual, on life this day. Joy and happiness, bliss-in-the-moment! The moment is fleeting (but, it ALWAYS WAS fleeting to begin with!). Living life, not in fear or hyper-critical self-judgment, but just as it is, one moment at a time!
thanks be to God!
13 october, 2001
Big storm blew in last night; this morning clear blue sky! I thank my Lord and creator for blessing me with another day, make some coffee and now here I sit in a momentary calmness, before Joey starts to go "wahhhh..." i think i've succeeded in distratcting him, but there is only so much distracting you can do with a four-month old!
Practiced guitar last night; tried out some new chord ideas, based on standard "c", and some different things with cross-picking. Realized how far I have to go before I can get my endurance back; I am very rusty!
5th october, 2001
Om Guru Om
Surrendering today to the sacred Flow
I am at once a single entity
in a larger whole.
My nothingness merges
with the Totality of the Universe
making a unique Omni-Present-
not unlike a roaring waterfall.
Having merged into the mindfullness
I have tapped the deep-well
I breathe-in compassion
and exhale compassion--
this is the Buddha-way.
Nothing can be taken
that is freely given.
This is my lesson to myself this day.
The mind is capable of infinite compassion.
Today my hands
are open
in the gesture of gratitude
and I say "thank you"
to the universe
for this infinite Being.
How far can I surrender into this Bliss-Moment?
the touch and taste of the Holy encounter.
So saying,
let it be so.

Ciao Brasil (Marcell)
Ciao Brasil - You know I never wanted to leave you
Ciao Brasil - You know that I believe in you.
And when I'm cold, as I am so often now;
And when I'm cold, I turn my heart to you, Brasil...
The water's edge, I look toward Brasil, Brasil
The water's edge, I look toward Brasil, Brasil
Ciao Brasil...
copyright 1990-2001 errogeneous jones music

Open Window (Marcell)
The clouds move
Across the swollen moon
Above your open window...
The wind is blowing
Blowing your hair
Through your open window.
I wear my heart
On my open sleeve.
I wear my heart
On my open sleeve.
I wear my heart...
The stars above
Our heads
The world's an open window.
Your hand held tightly
in my own
My loves an open window...
copyright 1983-2001 errogeneous jones music
World (Marcell)
Oh, world
I'm watching you.
How can I stand here
Just watching you?
What you're doing, what you're doing to yourselves-
Can't you see?
Can't you understand?
Is all there ever was;
Is all there ever was.
Starving everyday
So much uncertainty,
You're hiding yourself away.
You can't reach out
To touch the one who cries for you
What are you doing,
What are you running from?
Is all there ever was;
Is all there ever was.
Is all there ever was;
Is all there ever was.
copyright 1983-2001 errogeneous jones music
In the Valley of Indecision (Marcell)
Left in the valley of indecision
Left in the valley again
Lost in the valley of indiscretions
I'm lost in the valley again
Lifting the veil of incrimination
I'm lifting the veil again
Found in the valley of contemplation
I'm found in the valley again.
And I can't go on
I need you here with me
I can't go on
Without you here by me.
Tricked in the valley of contamination
I'm tricked in the valley again.
Lost in the circuits of the interference
I'm lost in the circuits again.
Gone is the world where we could run like kids
Never to be seen again
Lying in the sudden of the realization
I'm never goin' back there again.
And I can't go on
I need you here with me
I can't go on
Without you here by me.
copyright 1993-2001 errogeneous jones music
Mystery of Our Love (Marcell)
You don't have to worry
In the pale blue night
You don't have to worry
'Cause I've got you on my mind
I'd never leave you or hurt you
Or do anything unkind
You gotta believe me now
Thats not what I got in mind
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
When I'm with you, babe
When I'm with you
And when I wake up
You're the first thing that I see
And when I go to bed
I thank the stars above
Because I love you
And I know that you love me
And that's the mystery, babe
The mystery of our love
Of our love
Of our love
Of our love
Of our love.
copyright 1993-2001 errogeneous jones music

Incredible events
The world has forever changed...
What will tomorrow bring?
--babajohnny September 14, 2001
Can I be more Open
Loving, kind and forgiving?
Can I learn to put aside
My anger, resentment and uncaring?
If I merely react to pain
And perceived injustices
I am alone, an animal;
In love I can awaken,
Rise above my doubt
And Embrace the
-- babajohnny August 22, 2001
Still cloud
Gentle breeze
Alive in this moment
Vibrant Universe!
-- babajohnny August 22, 2001
Years of solitude
the sacred ground
A gnawing belief in some
inner good
Beyond outward forms, appearances
that you and I are One
Related, yet seperate
and seperated
Though never really alone.
The distant shoreline
crashing waves and coastal birds
Serving to remind us
of our journey home
And the simple truth
No matter how distant
We are One.
--babajohnny 2001. </b>

The Joy of Prayer
Beneath the wintery sky,
I surrender all to my Christ;
He fills me!
--1-15-83, babajohnny

August, 2000
Ocean Drive (Poem for Kate)
Waves crash, crescent moon
jellyfish, jellyfish all the way home
We cross the Cole Park grounds
Towards the black night pier
Kate and I hold Isaacs' hands
and stroll past the fishers
with their coolers, and tackleboxes and smokes
And Kate tells me how the jellyfish
stung her (on the knee);
And we part with our friends in the summer night:
"I'll call you on your cel phone in the morning!"
And do a U-turn on Ocean Drive
Towards home

Primordial Heart Sutra No. 1
down Houston street,
past tall boys with severe haircuts and dye-jobs,
past the stranded tourists like starfish,
past the cafe,
and the latte-drinkers
(aegis of similitude)
to this fine spot
here by the fountain
where there is shade and coolness,
and overhead
the sky is not cloudy all day...
this then is where I sit,
desolation angel,
and observe the "I-I"
scribbling these notes on a scrap of grey-lined
"it" observes the world
'roundabout it, and sips
strong coffee in the mid-day sun...
a fleeting moment in a series
(of fleeting moments)
passing into primordial
like a slow motion arrow seen
passing before it's eyes
into eternity.
This series then forms some part of the past,
a part which is barely glimpsed,
yet underlies all future action.
What part then will "I-I" save;
is there a part
of this present
from the entropic flow?
Or is all lost?
...Food for the moon...
Hot wind blows
Hot concrete,
But here I am overshadowed,
And in a state of calmness,
Aware of the possibilities
In this moment
Here and now.

Primordial Heart Sutra No. 2
Heart mantra
Alive in this moment
Lotus petals brush across my lips.
Envelope me in your fragrance...
Om mani padme hum...
(An ancient prayer; jewel in the Lotus).
Two lovers
Hearts and minds as One
Touching (as if)
for the very first time...
You kiss me like raindrops;
You caress me like clouds.
You kiss me.
You kiss me like rain.
Heart mantra

That Which Is,
Is Christ.
That Which Is,
Is Buddha.
That Which Is,
Radiant Being.
That Which Is,
Beyond Mind.
The Truth and the Way are
Where then are the Ten-Thousand
Heart to Heart,
The truth is manifested.
Heart to Heart,
We are One.
That Which Is,
Remains undying.
That Which Is,
This very moment.
-- 29 October, 1999

Cafe' Du Johnny

Standing among the silent trees
An overwhelming presence, a benediction
He is aware of the birds, the rustling wind
And the sound of the leaves beneath his feet.
They called him savior, but that was long ago-
Now his frail body trembles, drains of strength
And he has come to nothingness, the "I" beyond the ego
Fully surrendered to the one divine God.

This morning I awoke with a smile
new moon, dark sky
She said what is the essential thing
love is the essential thing
What is the randomness
earth, sky, mind is the randomness
A thousand christs or a single flower
your father/mother in heaven knows the answer
Pulsing like lightening on the horizon
Movement or no movement is the same
A vehicle for your ornamental mind
In movement we define our reality
In reality we dance our movement
This morning I saw beauty
Reflected in a smile

Cigarette smoke
wafting towards heaven
Black night
full of armagnac and stars
Gurdjieff and his father
by the woodshed
In Tiflis, 1902.

Surrender to the "is-ness" of the Universe!
Body and mind, dropped away!
When you drop the question
the answer appears.
There is no Work; that is the Great Koan!

Riding the bus this morning
My mantra is relax and renew,
relax and renew, relax...
Knowing all things under heaven and earth
work together for what is right,
The world is bathed in goodness and light.
Each day I pause to say "thank you."
Each day I begin again, anew.
Surrendered to the sacred flow of life,
Letting the universe unfold as it will,
I embrace the eternal, present moment
And rejoice in the name of the Lord.
"May all I do and am return to praise the One."

There is a current
Running just below the surface
Of which you and I partake
Electric, intoxicating, wild, vengeful
And bursting forth surprising patterns
Manifesting unhesitatingly into our lives
Yes, surprising us, when we were dead to
The world, but alive to each other
Bringing knowledge and remembrance
Redemption and salvation
Warm and wet and fertile and intimate
Alive in us, alive in mortal I
Grinding forward, dizzying, out of control
That which comes into being, unifying, frightening
Tender and loving, hungry destroyer of all worlds,
Sacred earth, mother, goddess, birther, fire, imminent bringer of death
The infinite "isness" of the universe
Swallow us whole

The sun setting in a midst of colors,
The clouds move across the hiding moon;
One man sitting zazen
Drinking warm tea.
- Burwood (1983).
There is no perfection. There is only perfection.

I am merged
With the Mindfulness
Of the Present.
One Heart
One Mind
-- adams' house, September 11, 1993.
is like the raindrops
on my shoulder.
-- September 23, 1993
The clouds
move across my mind;
Already I have forgotten
- September 23, 1993
This subtle mind-cloud;
Here for awhile, then gone.
Are you the totality of your
experiences, your thoughts?
Or perhaps it is all a dream;
Waiting for the moment
of Awakening.
-- November 22, 1999

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Farfalla de Madame

Qualcuno giovane di fronte ad un giro. (its Italian for the pooheads out there..) :D
linda lazy

i liked your site...i hope your buddhanity brings you joy
olof palme

" de si de förstå mig, bortsett från jag kan icke löpe till vara förstådd!"
olof palme

"they say they understand me, but i cannot stand to be understood!"

Thanks, Alan, for those kind and reassuring words...whoever said i was an "adult" in the first place?!

Congrats on Joseph's arrival! What a blessing for your family. But remember, the adults are outnumbered in your house now.

Sidewalk slabs light up
Flourescent radiation underlights a crowd
A city vibrates with slowly increasing loops of amplified feedback
Then, a theremin chick whistles by, hopping to a basket of color eggs

Across some water, the same

The link on the Netscape header "View other sites like this one" - 'tis impossible! This is unique. Hope Spock & Picard come home soon. Possum, be gone. Call if you want to borrow 2 cats & a dog to rid your house of pests.

Missive on the freedom of the mind from a like-minded monk at the dawn of the modern era to a mystic muse at its dusk:
May not a man be a Christian who cannot explain how the nativity of the Son differs from the procession of the Holy Spirit? If I believe in the Trinity in Unity, I want no argument. If I do not believe, I shall not be convinced by reason. The sum of religion is peace, which can only be when definitions are as few as possible and opinion is left free on many subjects. Our present problems are said to be waiting for the next Ecumenical Council. Better let them wait till we see God face to face. Peace, Johnny. Got a light? (1522)

Stroll over to my new club on yahoo (see the link...) where you can check out new pics and interact live via chat!


Forgetting to Remember...

Forget to remember,
Remember to forget...
The past is reflected in the Present. The future is a moment
Waiting to be born.

Forget to remember...remember to forget...

Though provoking..lovely1

Thank you!

Diane hailing from Anchorage, Alaska.

Thank you for pointing out my address error in my previous message. I am adding a link to my webpage to connect to your site. Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for your insight.

I found your websight to be quite wonderful. It is the essence of the moment, as experienced. Perhaps you would consider allowing me to link your page from by webpage.
frank kormos

hey whats up just a fellow krim fan
musician from NY

heartening, and warmth bring me rice with tomatoes on my plate...over, and over, as i bathe in flesh, sparkling stares, and everlasting kisses...
soft as nature hisses



a heart before twilight, a kiss before dawn...and my bodies of ocean become still unto the break, and within which, we all foresake

Smiles !


ah, the beach... surrendered to the isness of the moment, water rushing over my head; sand and sun and wind, a sense of well-being and calm pervades my being. Missy and I sat zazen in lotus posture in the water, a flowing timelessness, eternal moment!
jonnygonepomo's literary agent

jm- please excuse pomo's lack of closing parenthesis in his last guestbook entry. it's been a hard day for him. being a friday in reality and such.
my url is beyond earthly ken

baba johnny turns into johnny love on certain magical nites and can be seen singing and playing guitar at good old fashioned folk hootenannys at tacoland. at least this much I dream is true.

personal message to babajm: johnny, I was walking down the street today and i just suddenly realized that none of this is real. that's it's actually ridiculous and even funny - the crazy human goings-on and how we misuse the substance of now. i know that human tragedy hurts, but we must accept loss as kerouac says (one of the fundamental rules for the modern - dare i say postmodern - spontaneous technique. i can't wait to see what lies in wait after this world. any thoughts?

Just checking in John and Melissa. Sounds like things are cool at the Marcell house. Lots of stuff going on here, trying to sell our house, it's been hectic as hell. More later.

Johnny, keep in mind:
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.


Enjoy Life!

I believe your words are true to your heart...and that makes them beautiful, and inspiring.
michael escamilla

right on, but I miss the angsty love poetry of Johnny Love (before he was babajohnybegood)

Hear my fingers snapping.
Your friend Linda!!

I like it! Can you place this stuff on more than one page?
John Navarro

I was riding a hovertrain through NeoComfort, a megalopolis of over 30 million citizens. This was still a small town compered to the big cities. I crumpled the waxy brown substance into some paper and lit it. Pushy billboards flashed by, their subliminal slogans overriding each other, rendering all useless for specifics, creating only a sense of lack, a need to accumulate. I'd had enough. The genome project had cut off my funds and my research had lost support from my peers, who once lauded my papers as the blueprints for a new branch of study-nasal warps.

Dear Johnny I seem to have left the "r" out of sure. - I am not sure what to feel anymore.

sue is alot to read. So we saved it.

I say that we, your friends, should ordain you instead of ULC. So it's official: Your are hereby Baba Johnny, Minister of whatever it is you're into this week.

so, like I just walked up to the hotdog vendor and said,"make me one with everything"
Tamii Rogers

write me! Oh, I went and saw that big buddha while back in the home land

what is the essential thing?
breakfast tacos are the essential thing...
yes, nunzio, working on possible drawlings and even a photo rainey took of me in j.paul sartre pose... thanks for visiting!--baba
James Cobb

Johnny---This is the third time I've visited your sight and I still haven't read most of it, but it's early in the morning and Pseudo Buddha had a late night (and not altogether great) gig last night which is leaving me just sleep deprived enough to want to deal with such as THERE IS NO PERFECTION, THERE IS ONLY PERFECTION with my coffee. I promise I'd get further into this homepage of yours if only I had some breakfast tacos. Alas, I don't. THERE ARE NO BREAKFAST TACOS, THERE IS ONLY NO BREAKFAST TACOS. Add some inimitable BabaJohnny drawings, eh?

Just think what would happen if you used your powers for good.

baba, forgive me, had to try to see inscriptions in guestbook

Great stuff JohnStar

dear jonnypostmod: thanks for the comments; yes psychic-oneness-connection via the internet is the FUTURE... i'll look into a more interactive format. in oneness --babajohnny

baba, please forgive intrusion just wanted to read offerings in guestbook once again. maybe you can work something out with the great void that will allow visitors to view guestbook and interact. creating web of love transparent rising across skies to hold whole earth in its silent, unseen heart?
Christine (Xtie)

You devil! I don't even have a website yet. Cool...

Jim Morrison my @#$^! Looks more like Jack Kerouac to me. Either way, great stuff!!

I like it. That's all.

Why aren't the Buddhas dancing?
Jon Pearson

too good to be true. three days sick with cold and flu. you sent a little light and warmth into my soul.


Norm Boyle

Jim Morrison's poetry is alive and well and living in San Antonio, Tx.

c. 2000/2001 - babajohnnylove/all rights reserved.

"And work consists in subjecting oneself voluntarily to temporary suffering in order to be free from eternal suffering." -- G.I. Gurdjieff
(Page 357, "In Search of the Miraculous; Fragments of an Unknown Teaching," by P.D. Ouspensky c. 1949, Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc.)

As 2018 Comes to a Close

Reading back through my journal this morning (and thereafter through this blog to the very beginning) I note that I have been blogging/writi...