Sunday Night at Brave New Studio

Its amazing how good the Lovecaster now sounds with a fresh set of strings (and running through the Behringer Bass V-amp!!) A patch I dialed-in last night just killed me and I tracked it on the "hindu" song to wonderful effect, if I could only mix it properly. No worries. These are only explorations of a sonic quality, but I am so much closer to achieving a listenable take I can almost taste it. This project was a bit overly ambitious; from henceforward I need to pace myself and not lay on too many tracks/effects that bog down the Magix program. Ah, but the thrill of hearing all those mulit-tracked ostinatto guitars!

Tonight I hope to try Will's suggested "stereo" mix with hard pans and perhaps figure out how to save settings.

And most importantly work on Joey's diorama from school!!!


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