Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Talked to Joe Belk about the last gig in the hopes that we can do some more soon. Joe mentioned Jose filling in on bass in a pinch. Spent the weekend going over the set list on the acoustic guitar so that total solo is an option and also with the idea that if I play the tunes a lot on the acoustic when I flip back to electric it will be a LOT easier. Recorded some bits on video with a thought I could "extract" the audio for a Johnny CD; idea works but still trying to get the best sound and take on the cheap for a sampling of tunes intended for prospective club(s). So I continue to work with what I got.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Chatting today with Scott on all things musical; discussed some ideas, some playing strategies, Cambodian music and getting together before the next gig to practice with Daryl. Have some ideas about incorporating some loops I'd like to try. Worked on Elephant Talk again. Went through set-list (partial) in the sweat-lodge. Just feels good to play. Time permitting will work on some possible future gigs tomorrow. I wanna play, anytime, anywhere.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Johnny Love Band

It's been a great year of musical re-discovery; the gig with Dee and Joe Belk was another shot in the arm/kick in the pants to do more live. The Johnny Love Band is booked to play a private birthday party September 20 at Big Z's Burger Joint on 1604; Daryl's confirmed for the low end and hopefully Scott's up for it (will try to lock-in tomorrow)... working on future gigs at Taco Land and the Esquire Tavern. Add to the list of "wanna play" at a Ranger Creek open house. The Johnny Love Band is go. I need a CD for bookings and wanna record three or four tunes to add to the library and re-upload a Johnny Love CD. Jeff's place or Joe's, whoever will have me. In the meantime, I've reworked a tune from '91 called "Mystery of our Love" with Johnny Love chordings (totally changes the entire song) and messing around with "All My Life" from the Puslating songbook and a few other "lost" tunes, like "Two Souls".

Johnny Love, Dee Lusk, Joe Belk

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