Saturday, May 9, 2009


My friend, Patrick Smith asked me to share the following:


May 07, 2009
Happy Mothers Day

To this day I wish I could hear my mother saying “Matka Boska.” Her parents were immigrants from Poland. Though born in America, my mom Catherine Theresa, did not learn English until she entered elementary school. This was a Catholic school run by Polish nuns.

When mom was upset with one of her children, we would usually hear her saying “Matka Boska, Matka Boska,” which translates as “Blessed Mother”.

Twenty years after her passing I was practicing guitar one night. I began to improvise and a phrase appeared. Quickly I realized this was about my mom. I played with the phrase and developed it. Frequently I struggle with titles, but immediately I knew there was only one title possible for this piece – Matka Boska.

So to honor my mother and all mothers I am offering a free download of this piece. Use the contact form to request your copy of Matka Boska. Please share this message with any friends, family, and colleagues.

Wishing you and yours a very happy and Blessed Mother’s Day.

Click here to go to the webiste to download (fill in the "Contacts" information to receive the download):

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