Saturday, November 26, 2011

man up

Excited about the prospect of possible recording project at Walk on Water studio with co-producers Will and Ken B (currently in the "discussion" phase); brought this up in talks with Scott today and he seems game. Looking forward to hanging with friends, having man-time/fellowship with some brothers and laying down some compelling tunes; to that end I aim to put on my tune-smith hat and attempt to pen a few songs, skelatal ideas with enough space for Will, Ken and Scott to fill-in the empty spaces with whatever is required as far as arrangements go and create something that is truely original, haunting and beautiful. Like the music I hear in my head. A few ideas are already formulating and I am keen to try them out this weekend.

sound design

A profitable afternoon spent in the small room working on sound design, loop study, guitar craft and repertoire; while the signature sound continues to elude me, a step closer to an integrated cohesion begins to emerge. Playing against arpegiated lines layed down on the Line 6 brings a great deal of clarity in my approach to possible future "live" performance. What I'm really after is consistency and "repeatability". Some successes with this today. More tomorrow.
Read yesterday from Sara Elliot that her mother Vivien had passed, that she had lived well and lived wise. Pierre and Vivien were both teachers and practioners in the 4th Way tradition under the J.G. Bennett as well as one of the last still living having worked directly under Gurdjieff . Cannot read this without thinking of the tune "Tea with Vivien" which Tony Garza and I created one evening in the small room, discussing the work, Camp Caravan, Fripp and playing guitars.

Tea with Vivien Somehow fitting then that tonight's work in the small room consisted of the type of "solo" guitar and loops that comprised "Solus" and a sense of groundedness in this work.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seven Advices

Seven advices from Pierre Elliot: 1. Presume that you do not know as much as you imagine you do 2. Forsake your self image and all posturing about who you think you are 3. Observe yourself in all things as objectively as possible 4. Give up pretending that you are awake and behold the depth of your sleep 5. Notice how many of your daily activities keep you from your lifetime goals 6. See many relationships fall away when you stop maintaining them 7. Do things differently and do different things


"For consciousness, collection of attention is necessary. Attention is as oil in the lamp. Consciousness is the light. Where there is consciousness things are illuminated." ~ Mme Ouspensky

As 2018 Comes to a Close

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