Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Solus review

From trevor_vd on twitter, a wonderful review of our "Solus" album:

The Gilliam Section’s “Solus”
I have family friends in San Antonio who made an album recently, entitled Solus. As one of the firstcustomers/listeners, I’m writing a review, and here’s the short of it - I enjoyed this record, and if you know drone, guitar loops, or ambient music, you will too. Solus is up now on CD Baby, and it’s worth the affordable purchase if you’d like a new album to study, relax, read, or just listen to.

Now here’s the long(er) review:

There’s a track in the latter portion of Solus called Burwood. Burwood is a pulsating field of guitar swells and atmospheric drone, cut across by a patience - this song is not melodic, it’s textural: There’s an a focus in it on developing an overall aesthete, rather than a moment-to-moment gratification, a sort of building up, cresting. This textural approach is indicative of the entire album.

Built around cascading guitars, what sets The Gilliam Section apart from other Texan drone/ambient bands such as Stars of the Lid is a willingness to explore this carefully crafted sense of audial crests and troughs (the artistic sinusoidal action for the times) alongside some more playful musical sensibilities. Prog rock never left The Gilliam Section’s members, and its mark shows in rippling guitar solos and effects drenched in reverb. They’ve made a dreamscape in Solus for you to walk through - be sure to take your ears along!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

ahhhh... Saturday

Could not ask for a more relaxing Friday evening, Saturday; hot date with the wife, thai food, margaritas and Rio Blanco Pale Ale! The weather last night was stormy, but this afternoon is gorgeous and sunny! All this and a new tune to boot! A very non-stressful weekend... just what Johnny needed! I am totally relaxed. Back to work another take of the new tune... bliss

Friday, April 3, 2009

CDs update

Three, (almost) Four CDs now completely uploaded to Kunaki, and Johnny Love copywriting done off the checklist; contacting CD Baby via email and twitter to set up our account! Test ordering 20 of each CD to stock at Hogwild, Waterloo Records and Book People and the office(s). All is moving forward seemlessly, it seems...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Social Networking Site

Created a new social networking site for Habitual Grace on Ning:


Will has completed uploads of Solus, Himmel and Wag onto Kunaki and Johnny Love will follow (perhaps) tomorrow.

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