Saturday, February 18, 2012


Recorded bits for the Spingere RPM Challenge track; uploading now. Although my recording program is acting a bit wonky all of a sudden. If I lose these tracks I’ll have to re-cut in a proper studio next week. C’est la vie.

Files delivered; WC tweets: "Thanks to the wonders of the internet, a guitar part for my RPM challenge has just arrived from Texas"!

I have to say that since I recorded this contribution I cannot stop playing this song over and over and over!

Also, ran through the Johnny Love setlist this morning; love playing these tunes! May run through them again tonight! Missing WW and SP...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Worked on "Specific Gravity" with Will and Scott last night... apparently its in 7/4 and 5/8 (or sub-divided 6/8, 6/8 2/4). Who knew?
New Gilliam Section video via Alan Van Dyke

Friday, February 3, 2012

Possibilities of Hippy Posse-ness

Rock-out session last night; good vibes, sharing my feelings of (at times)inadequacy and comforted and validated by my friends and their support and kindness. It was a rough week for all of us I guess. Sometimes you get your feelings hurt, sometimes you just gotta vent and sometimes you just have to push through, especially those pesky intervals when things seemingly fall-apart. The advantage of age, we can learn from our mistakes and inadequacies. Hearing a clearer vision of what our music could be with a new fragment Will summoned-up; that little fragment, along with Specific Gravity and the entropics material has a quirky cohesiveness that is one direction vs. the Johnny Love Hippy direction we started out in. Essentially there are two bands emerging here. Lo-fi lounge and prickly art music. Both good. Both different. It all works together somehow. I've sent Will and Scott the Daniel Schell & Karo tune that seems closest to the prickly art music idea I like.

As 2018 Comes to a Close

Reading back through my journal this morning (and thereafter through this blog to the very beginning) I note that I have been blogging/writi...