Thursday, June 11, 2009

Things have been fast and furious of late. Already into June, I had thought this year I would turn my attention more keenly on inner spiritual dimensions. However, this year has instead brought a more active engagement with the world, projects, new and old friendships (which I value) and working like mad to maintain it all! And so I sit quietly for a moment and go "woooo"!

The odd craving today of wanting to be leisurely hanging about a bookstore (probably because its been at least two months since I've had that luxury) and sipping a latte. Perhaps next week I can have some time to visit one. This week is toast.

Strategising with Will and Scott on the Johnny Love Birthday Party gig, where once more we will revive an increasingly "old" set-list to play for our sympathetic, good natured friends. Interesting guest guitarist if he can swing it, my old middle-school buddy and grammy winning producer, Joe Reyes. And a standing invitation to Matt McCabe to play/attend if he can make it from Colorado to the party!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't swear

I swear, everytime I come here to update the blog I get caught-up in reading everyone else's posts and never get 'round to posting my own blog! I am easily distracted, that's a given. Or as Will might say, "my ADD is acting up again..." Nevertheless, here's a brief post first off thanking you for reading, and secondly to let ya'll know we've got a new Habitual Grace myspace account...

Find us, friend us!

and of course, on Twitter as well at habitualgrace!

Now back to reading all of YOUR blogs!

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