Making progress and a ton of ideas musical and otherwords; creating a sacred space, creating a working space, creating a vibrant cottage industry/book, integrating this idea of "oneness" with "a path with heart" and maintaining contact with bodily sensation (somatics) and many others. Affirming day with the family yesterday at the pool, affirming talk with Dan on music recording/possibilities. All of a sudden my mind is full of fertility and bright ideas. I am most happy when I'm inspired. Suddenly I find everything is inspiring me. This is good news (or it could be an indication of insanity).

Tonight adult beverages with M and her work-buddies from Saks; this weekend we are hoping to catch "Midnight in Paris", the new Woody Allen movie. Life is good.


  1. I am interested to learn if your ongoing efforts with integration continue to generate inspiration. I suspect so.

  2. Thank you, Patrick; yes, often its a matter of applying fresh insights to older pieces and seeing them new. Music is such a healing modality; when I listen to A Scarcity of Miracles this is verified. There is such power there. To access this music, this is the aim.


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