Friday, February 3, 2012

Possibilities of Hippy Posse-ness

Rock-out session last night; good vibes, sharing my feelings of (at times)inadequacy and comforted and validated by my friends and their support and kindness. It was a rough week for all of us I guess. Sometimes you get your feelings hurt, sometimes you just gotta vent and sometimes you just have to push through, especially those pesky intervals when things seemingly fall-apart. The advantage of age, we can learn from our mistakes and inadequacies. Hearing a clearer vision of what our music could be with a new fragment Will summoned-up; that little fragment, along with Specific Gravity and the entropics material has a quirky cohesiveness that is one direction vs. the Johnny Love Hippy direction we started out in. Essentially there are two bands emerging here. Lo-fi lounge and prickly art music. Both good. Both different. It all works together somehow. I've sent Will and Scott the Daniel Schell & Karo tune that seems closest to the prickly art music idea I like.


  1. This is why friends are the best! not for the first time I wish I could hang out and hear the band(s) in progress.

    1. Thank you, Will! And with all earnestness I can say "wish you were here" to drink a beer with us!


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