The Johnny Love Band

It's been a great year of musical re-discovery; the gig with Dee and Joe Belk was another shot in the arm/kick in the pants to do more live. The Johnny Love Band is booked to play a private birthday party September 20 at Big Z's Burger Joint on 1604; Daryl's confirmed for the low end and hopefully Scott's up for it (will try to lock-in tomorrow)... working on future gigs at Taco Land and the Esquire Tavern. Add to the list of "wanna play" at a Ranger Creek open house. The Johnny Love Band is go. I need a CD for bookings and wanna record three or four tunes to add to the library and re-upload a Johnny Love CD. Jeff's place or Joe's, whoever will have me. In the meantime, I've reworked a tune from '91 called "Mystery of our Love" with Johnny Love chordings (totally changes the entire song) and messing around with "All My Life" from the Puslating songbook and a few other "lost" tunes, like "Two Souls".


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