Steven Wilson re-mix

Steven Wilson is running this cool contest:

The contest allows you to download and re-mix a song for the upcoming album; I spent last night downloading and arranging the parts in the studio, and this morning layed-down two tracks of guitar-swells and picking on the NST and added a faux Frippertronics outro to the end of the tune! Great fun; as usual, I like to work fast. I should've sat on it for a few days to see if I still liked it, but I've already sent-in my mp3 via you-send-it. (Wish me luck!)

Also, talking to Will off and on all day; the "Solus" album is now officially finished. We're moving forward with registering with BMI and shipping to CD Baby. Hopefully all of this can be accomplised within the next two weeks and we can move on to the next Gilliam Section CD. All-in-all, I'd call that a productive day!


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