Had a fair amount of fun mixing and mashing tunes last night (it was very hit-and-run as time was tight); still one more trick I want to try with "Burwood/NY New Loop" incorporating a solo Alessandra piano part, which may require pitch-shifting (if it even works at all) to fit.

Discussed "Solus" mixes with Will today and possibly leaving "New Arp" on the cutting-room floor... the track has some problems and not sure how well it flows with the rest of the album. "Orbit" is being discussed as an alternate tune.

Also a possible album-length project with Ale creating some more "Gurdjieff-tinged" music akin to our "Sun Absolute" and perhaps bringing in Gary for this one and special guest Overtone singer Stuart Hinds. I think we could work very fast on this if we can get Ale to send us her parts first, and we build up from there. In the meantime, I've sent her a couple of mp3s to work on, and will be discussing schedules, timing and possibilities for the CD in the very near future.


  1. really cool music, man I could do your CD cover in the very near future


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