After the Show

Wonderful to see the songs performed one last time, even sans dear old uncle Bobby (and in a great venue so close to home!)

I think we were all fairly blown-away. Alan and I took off after the Crim set; Scott and John stayed for a bit of Dream Theater. Forgot to mention, I wore the vintage "Discipline" tour t-shirt from 1981:

Headed home and waited to hear from Markus. The hotel for the night had changed to from the Airport Hilton to the Eilan Hotel Spa and Resort at La Cantera:

We got to the hotel and met up with Markus and tried to buy him a drink in the bar:

Unfortunately it was already last call and we couldn't get service. We did however get a table thanks to T Lev, who Markus introduced us to, and Alan and I did our best not to geek out but it was really incredible to get to meet him and talk briefly and to share some (really outstanding)  vodka!

Tony said goodnight and headed up to his room and Alan, Markus and I talked for about an hour about all things musical, our heroes, our aspirations, hopes and disappointments. It was an uplifting and relaxing visit and I am grateful to have had the chance to enjoy such a wonderful and Crimson-filled evening. Big thank you to my friend, Markus, for taking the time to meet and hang-out with us! It was incredible to be around real working professional musicians who happen to be just real nice guys to boot!


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