Quiet morning, yet with much to be done I need to start my day. Trying to maintain posture. Trying to come back to the present. Trying to eat more as Melissa is concerned about my weight-loss. But these days some fasting is called for (here I speak in a spiritual sense)

Last night worked on the set-list and went over my cache of lyrics, pretty much nailing down "Madonna of the Wasps" (found the words to the song on a piece of paper in Will Willard's pen) and "Blue Eyes". Found the descending jazz chords I'd forgotten for the solo. Worked on Yoshi's song and locked in parts of it; other parts elude me (even with his lyrics and chords). Trying to re-learn my intro (which I'd forgotten to do last night). Landslide is really not working; perhaps Daryl can rescue it as I think he's played it. Figured out the basic gist of "Jesus" but not sure what key is working for my voice on that one...


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