Talked to Scott and Daryl; next Johnny Love band meet-up is Saturday night. Itching to hit it again. Have totally re-connected to my inner singer/guitar player and have a new ease with my instrument I haven't had before. Running through the whole set on just one setting (14) on the Yamaha amp... a bit of compressed-crunched, but otherwise pretty clean. Not other effects or loops or patches. Just straight on...

 Able (finally) to get some random Arto-ish skronk when the mood strikes (e.g., the "solo" during "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" and during "Heart of Tao"). Also adding "World" (I'd forgotten about it completely), "Everybody Wants to Be a Creep" (gotta learn the bridge since Dan wrote/played it...), "Landslide" (a Robyn Hitchcock-esque version ~ for Melissa) and a cover of Yoshi Hampl's "ATX" ( Also came up with a cool guitar "intro" or hook for "Ocrean's Apart" that just kills me.


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