Practice began in earnest Thursday evening on the new set-list for the G.I.G show in September; the entire "Johnny Love set-list has been put aside for this performance in the "listening room", where only original tunes are allowed. Playing in NST tuning and Daryl is focusing on the Stick. Excited and upbeat and happy to be really working with the left hand, right hand and posture. "Landscape" was a sheer joy to play while trying to keep attention on the craft and my "self"; locked-in and  was really in the moment. "Darkening Skies" is more problematic and may be cut. Bottom line, may be faster and easier if we write totally new tunes instead of trying approximate Gilliam Section songs. Nevertheless, an admirable start.This is the moment I've been awaiting for. My attitude of approach has really improved as I made the conscious decision to "hold on lightly" and seek a certain quality in the material

More later


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