Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Arising

Went out to the studio two weeks ago to try a bit of recording; first attempt frustrating with no monitor playback during tracking of additional bits. Quickly found the right box to tick to enable the monitors and ran through some test pieces for Will which actually turned into petite audioscapes finding their way onto Bandcamp as a little mini-album or aural goodness. Very pleased with how the pieces panned-out, which you can listen to here:

New Arising

This sampler represents the very best of my guitar playing to date in terms of overall composition and sound; I was definitely "feeling it", in other words and hitting all the notes and tones. Each tune has about 4 or 5 overdubs, and I edited/recorded very quickly using the line 6 for added color and stereo/delay effects in the Magix program.

I should also mention I installed new exterior/interior curtains in the studio to block the sun that has been scorching the office all summer long; this new enhancement was the catalyst to actually attempt a recording. Up until now it has simply been too hot!

Isaac came out to check the progress...

Recording complete, now a beer...

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