Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thursday Night Recap

Great practice Thursday night with Will and Scott. Suggested we use the African xylophone on the Veldt; Scott reckons its an excellent idea.

Overall sounding soooo good; Will has been tweaking my rig and I'm really digging the stereo amp placement; been listening to Entropics to try and figure out the un-named tune Will sent around the other week. Landscape was Huge and Will's new fretless parts have really changed that tune for the better!

Sat down and figured out how to play track 5 which actually be named Dreams of Rage"? and also the Veldt which Scott can play African inst on; after verse, chorus, verse, chorus Veldt can go into Fripp Summers break (new tune Scott forget) for a spell, then back to chorus, with full on drums during that section

Also figured out a bit of three of a perfect pair which I think could be a song we could modify for a trio; doing more research in that now!

Drums and bass are there, the guitarist is a bit feebly but the stool keeps me steady; enjoyed working on my Guitar Craft picking technique last session. It brought an insight and seeing to my playing and kept me present

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