Continue to study, contemplate and meditate upon the wisdom sayings of Jesus and the Way; talking through associatively some of my ideas on the "unknowablity of the God-head" with Michael this past week coalesced some of my thinking and showed me some of the areas in which I "missed the mark." Such insights serve to teach and therefor are to be regarded thankfully. Also, discerned a crucial pattern in my dreaming, a recurring theme that has come to me to tell me something about where I need to seek help. Pressing life-concerns have pre-empted any efforts at music or a creative life, but I found great resonance in some paintings Vasken Kalayjian recently posted. I have a desire to paint, but lacking materials I do nothing. I feel this is an area where I can do the most useful (inner) work at the moment, where I can delve deeper into meanings. I need to acquire the time and the tools. Mulling book idea of the wisdom sayings, a "collection" with commentary from an inner point of view. More and more I am convinced, however, that Jesus' coming to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord (Jubilee) has very little to do with any esoteric inner work per se, and more about true jubilee as expressed by the living desire of YHVH (יְהֹוָה) for his people; a restoration of justice and a return of 2nd Acts mentality (sell your "property" and share all things in common so that no one wants) which is playing out in the Occupy movement worldwide (an intuitive prophetic spontaneous arising from the spirit); which takes us back to the idea of the unknowability of God and the surprising ways He speaks to us.


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