Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stuff of a Musical Nature

Posting this mainly for WW, who may be the only person that ever reads this blog.... Possible meet-up/get-together with Dan Tellez on Saturday, a final last-ditch effort to pull together a show for the 23rd at GIG; if there is something there, the show will go on. Otherwise not. Meanwhile, in my walk of faith, recognizing my passion for God and also my passion for music, I am making an effort at "putting myself out there" and meeting tonight with the band at RiverCity Church to see if I might sit in amongst the rotation of players. If I have a passion for music and a degree of some kind of talent, I should be using my gift to further the Kingdom. My heart says this is the right move and this line may ultimately trump the first line. The main thing is, I'm trusting God and making myself available... a leap of faith as it were. These are a talented pool of players and what I offer might tend towards the quirky. I don't imagine myself as a session player any longer. My talents and skills are unique, sometimes inspired; I leave the rest in God's capable hands. Finally, I'll conclude with this thought that hit me yesterday... How incredible that God loves EVERY BODY... if I keep this thought, nothing else really matters. The debates, the schisms, the heaven vs hell vs no-hell vs bell... none of it really matters because God love everyone and, as the saying goes, He will sort it all out. My purpose is to be in awe and aspire to that kind of God-love, too

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