Wrote 2 pieces this morning at Starbucks... tried to let my unconscious dictate as much as possible:


Cloudy, overcast morning
At the outdoor cafe
Here alone with my latte
My heart returns again to you

Your smile, your taste, your touch
Envelopes me
Deep primordial bliss
A oneness encompassing
The totality of all that "I Am"
The ego, the shadow,
The known quantity
The unknowningness of my Being
Embraced by you
Transformed in love.


The skeptic in me
The part that questions everything
Looking for an answer
Continually seeking
Finds nothing to hold onto
Arrives at zero
With empty head, empty hands
In the stillness of the Now
I am poured out
Crushed and broken
Sacred elements
"Take, eat; this is my body"
Layed bare for you
And surrendered to your
Overwhelming love.



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