Solus and More

"Solus" is officially done and speeding its way to the Man Cave via UPS carrier; Johnny Love "Lost in the Valley" is all but done (waiting on masters/re-mixes from DG for the final two tunes..."I Wanna Be With You" and "Ocean's Apart") and Habitual Grace is pleased to announce it has signed on three new artists to its roster this week:

Gary Davenport "Himmel"
Don Hurd "Wag"
Dan Garcia "Big Melvis: the Solo Years"

Elsewhere, DGM's Sid Smith may or may not be writing liner notes for the Johnny Love album (Sid to me: OK off the top of my head...How about
"Johnny Love tells me that he's wonderful and cheering. So it must be true. Would he lie to you? Or me?")

Will is completing artworks with his buddy Gerald and I am twittering Habitual Grace notes to CDBaby and webdesigners, promoters on Twitter.

Finally, excited about re-establishing Work in a group comprised of Gary, Yvonne and Jim. They meet, not at Jim's Coffeeshop (as one would expect) but La Madeleine French Bakery! Tre nice!


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